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In order to help our patients attain their treatment goals and as an additional incentive, patients can earn wooden nickels at each scheduled appointment. The number of wooden nickels received depends on patient’s cooperation – keeping your braces clean and undamaged is critical to achieving a good result.

The wooden nickels may be saved and redeemed for movie passes, CD’s, footballs, and other prizes. This is our way of saying, “Thanks for being a great patient!”

Every game and sporting event has rules. Here are the rules for our wooden nickel program:

A wooden nickel is given if:

  • You kept your last appointment
  • You arrived on time for this appointment
  • Your tooth brushing is graded good or better
  • You have no lost, broken or loose braces, and headgear and elastics are worn as prescribed.

NO wooden nickels are given if:

  • You missed your last appointment **
  • You arrived late for this appointment
  • The appointment you are here today for is not your regular appointment
  • Your appointment today is to repair something broken
  • You are a poor brusher today

** A missed appointment was one you did not keep and was not cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

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