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Virtual Orthodontist Appointment Louisville, CO

Virtual orthodontist appointments fall under the teledentistry category, which is a field that is growing in popularity, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may sound bizarre to have orthodontic care conducted virtually, it is slowly becoming more normal. In order to reduce exposure, more and more dental specialists are choosing to practice teledentistry. In the case of orthodontics, a Virtual Orthodontist Appointment may not be 100% sufficient on its own because adjustments are necessary. However, it does the job well enough when businesses are closed and patients are choosing to socially distance. 

Understanding virtual orthodontist appointments

Outlined below are a few frequently asked questions and answers regarding virtual orthodontist appointments. When considering teledentistry, it can be helpful to review the following information.

1. What is a virtual orthodontist appointment?

A virtual orthodontist appointment is exactly as it sounds. The appointment is conducted in a virtual setting, which will usually be over video chat. During the appointment, the orthodontist will go over any questions or concerns that the patient has. Additionally, any progress will be monitored and reviewed. The orthodontist may request to see the patient's teeth. 

2. Is teledentistry safe and accurate?

Yes! While it is a newer practice, teledentistry is safe and accurate. Physical, in-person appointments are still the most accurate way to undergo oral health care, but as times have changed, virtual appointments are safer because they eliminate the chances of spreading or transmitting COVID-19. 

3. Does this mean I never have to go to the orthodontist again?

No! Virtual orthodontist appointments are not meant to be used permanently. Instead, the idea is to use them when going into a physical dentist's office is not possible, whether it be due to closure or a health condition, such as exposure to COVID-19. It is still necessary to see an orthodontist in-person to ensure that proper adjustments are made. However, virtual appointments can be used to check for progress and to address any concerns. 

4. Are teledentistry and virtual appointments the future?

Teledentistry has actually been around longer than many people realize. Most are so used to seeing their dentist, orthodontist or periodontist in person. However, times have changed. It is harder to see dental specialists on a regular basis due to the global crisis. Because of this, many are choosing to undergo teledentistry, which includes virtual orthodontic appointments. While physical, in-person care will always remain the norm, the future may hold regular virtual appointments. 

Undergo a virtual orthodontist appointment

Individuals who need to have their orthodontic treatment checked on but cannot physically do so can opt to undergo a virtual orthodontist appointment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking into alternative care, such as teledentistry. While it is a relatively new concept, rest assured that orthodontic care still works virtually. To find out more about teledentistry and what it involves, reach out today. 

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